Canopy is the name given to the design of a mural for a prominent wall in a central courtyard area of a new building in the city of Dehua in Fujian Province in the south of China. The mural will be twenty five metres in length and five metres in height and will be realised with the aid of approximately twenty three thousand individual hand-made ceramic tiles. These tiles will be made in a range of eight colour tones allowing for the depiction of the image to be created on the wall. The name Canopy relates to the image suggested by the tiles, that of the cover or protection offered when natural light falls through a leaf laden tree covering. The image will be a close-up, enlarged and somewhat abstract interpretation of this intense natural shelter, an occurrence which is particularly apparent in this part of the world. It is therefore both a representation of the locality in general as well as relating to the buildling itself; the occupation of which, as factory, is the production of artefacts, many of which have elements of the natural world as inspiration for their design.

Fujian Province, P.R China
Expected delivery September 2021

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