About Nick Renshaw

Originally from Yorkshire in the north of England my practice as a visual artist has been influenced by wide ranging work, study, and collaboration with colleagues, partners and centres of excellence across the visual arts field.  

My artistic developments mirror the influences which have formed the backdrop to my work. Whether that be from formative years in a city steeped in rich, mythic and historical layers, through study and work at culturally diverse centres in the United Kingdom, United States, The Netherlands, and more recently in China, or through the development of studio bases in the Netherlands, UK and China. Experiences gathered along the way have led subsequently to the development of a visual language in which the use of clay and ceramics in all its forms is a common factor.

I have exhibited widely through solo and group presentations, have lectured, undertaken public and private commissions, and my work can be found in the collections of museum, corporate and public organisations, as well as those of numerous private individuals.

Complementing my studio practice I have worked frequently on location and as resident artist across Europe, North America, and China. The often monumental scale of my work has involved the realisation of new work in these different locations, taking part in exhibitions, as well as deepening my understanding of art, ceramics and society. My doctoral research undertaken with the Ceramic Arts Research Centre @ University of Sunderland (CARCuos) in the United Kingdom drew on my knowledge in the field of residence and work centres for the ceramic material. The European Ceramic Workcentre (EKWC) in the Netherlands, a leading ceramic work and residence centre, was the principle focus of this work and my book 'Demystified: The European Ceramic Workcentre as Centre of Excellence' was subsequently published by Jap Sam Books in 2017.

I taught for several years at Xiamen University in the south of China and most recently have undertaken large-scale commissioned work for public spaces. A new body of work is currently being developed for forthcoming presentations, collaborations and commissions.

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