Rolling Snowball / 12 Djupivogur was the sixth group exhibition organised by the Chinese European Art Center (CEAC) in conjunction with the municipality of Djupivogur, a small fishing village in Iceland. It was also the twelfth in the larger series of Rolling Snowball exhibitions which have taken place at various locations in China and Europe. Since this Djupivogur series began in 2014 it has become both important culturally for the people in the local community, the people of the viillage being committed and keen to assist and participate in the success of each event, as well as being of significance for the art scene in Iceland in general. This particular version of the exhibition presented work predominantly by artists from China, Iceland and the Netherlands, each of whom had worked previously as artist-in-residence at CEAC in Xiamen. For the exhibition I presented two new sculptures in aluminium which are based on the Tong An series, a series inspired by the history and work in the region of the same name just outisde Xiamen in the south of China.
Rolling Snowball / 12 Djupivogur

Chinese European Art Center
13 07 2019 to 18 07 2019

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