'Bold' is a two person exhibition (together with Anuli Croon) after an invitation by Galerie WithTsjalling in Groningen in the north of the Netherlands. For this exhibition a selection of sculptures from the series Myriad and Other Origins was made. Works from one series are coupled with one from the other, creating a complementary yet contrasting combination. According to the gallery: 'The work of both Anuli Croon and Nick Renshaw is recognisable through a simple, yet powerful visual language. Though each artist works in a different medium, namely painting and ceramic sculpture, they both communicate with the viewer in a seemingly similar direct manner. Nick Renshaw lives and works intermittently between Europe and China concentrating his attention primarily on sculpture where ceramic is the principle medium. His work is influenced by the many and varied cultures he has been confronted with over the years. The physical characteristics of the works are conceived through experiments with the material and can be viewed as a visualisation of the hidden personalities of the sculptures' (Tsjalling Venema).


Galerie WithTjsalling
12 03 2016 to 09 04 2016

Press Release

'Bold' Installation (detail)
up to 75 cm h.
High and multiple fired ceramic (stoneware, earthenware, porcelain), various glazes and sinter engobes

Works from the series 'Myriad' and 'Other Origins'