The exhibition White Riot is the culminating visual expression of a period as artist in residence for several months at the Chinese European Art Center (CEAC) in southern China. The works individually are produced using a variety of media, including oil on canvas, photography, porcelain, wood, tl-lights, vinyl posters, and awnings. Each of these pieces finds it's inspiration from the central theme of the exhibition, that being a commentary on the porcelain industry unique to this particular region. It is an industry which has been of particular economic and cultural importance to the development of this part of the country, to China in general, as well as in a global context through trade during the course of previous centuries, starting predominantly from the Song Dynasty. The works are concerned with the relationship and dichotomies between Eastern and Western cultures, trade links, aesthetic influences, social interchange, art history, and originality. This period of work was made possible in large part by the generous support of the Foundation for Dutch art (Fonds BKVB).
The true uncertainties of life (red)
300 x 200 cm
Poster, ink
White Riot

Chinese European Art Center
P.R. China
24 04 2009 to 27 05 2009

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