The Chinese European Art Center (CEAC) hosted this group exhibition on the occasion of the anniversary of its fifteenth year of operation. CEAC has operated from the city of Xiamen in Fujian Province since 1999. During this time it has played a central role in the visual arts and cultural landscape of this part of southern China. CEAC has hosted and premiered the work of visual artists from all corners of the globe, and with a constantly expanding network hundreds of artists have worked ieither as artist in residence or collaborated in a variety of other professional capacities. The result of this activity has led to enhanced communication and cooperation between the local and international communities of artists and associated institutions. This exhibition presented the work of nineteen of these artists, each of whom having a close working relationship with CEAC, both from within and outside China. The work exhibited in the exhibition is one from a series of sculptures recently realised. They utilise an ancient firing technique still practiced in this part of the country and are made from a typically utilitarian local clay material.

Fifteen Years Anniversary Chinese European Art Center
Tong An
94cm high
Earthenware Clay, Wood Fired
Fifteenth Anniversary Exhibition Chinese European Art Center

P.R. China
07 11 2014 to 29 11 2014

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