Common People was a group exhibition held at Galerie With Tsjalling in Groningen in the north of the Netherlands together with the artists Oskar Nilsson (Sweden) and Georg Oskar (Iceland). In drawing comparisons between the artists the gallery commentated; 'The worlds created by the three artists in 'Common People' can in no way be described as commonplace. Ghosts playing chess, a monster painting and people riddled with holes are some of the figures that will occupy the gallery during this playful exhibition". For the exhibition I presented a combination of a number of recent works together with works made during the previous few years. This collection of works depicted as a whole a progression through time, through process and through concept, and though made separately during different periods and with in many respects differing intentions in mind, the installation in the gallery formed together a coherent body of diverse characters.
Common People

Galerie With Tsjalling
11 01 2020 to 15 02 2019

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