The FuLe International Ceramic Art Museum (FLICAM) is a new museum situated in Shaanxi Province in central China and is dedicated to the field of contemporary ceramics. It's location is near to the current provincial capital Xi'an, once the ancient capital of the first unified Chinese nation. It is also near to the tombs of this first unified country's emperor Qin Shi Huang, where the historically significant archeological remains of his Terracotta Warriors and Army are located. FLICAM houses a series of pavilions given over to specific countries or regions from around the world. Within each purpose built pavilion the works of artists representing that country to which the pavilion is dedicated are exhibited. These works are made during a period as guest artist in residence at FLICAM. The museum itself shares it's terrain with industrial and small scale ceramic production facilities where the residency is carried out. As a member of a group representing the Netherlands works were made which drew inspiration from both the production of the facility, from a range of imagery with particular symbolism in China, and my own understanding of these areas of interest.
1000 cm
Ceramic, glaze, rope

Collection FLICAM

FuLe International Ceramic Art Museum (FLICAM)
Shaanxi Province
P.R China
01 06 2008 to 01 07 2008

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