GREAT! was an event organised by the British Consulate in Guangzhou, southern P.R China to showcase British creative brands active in the country. The event included presentations in the form of catwalk shows from well known British fashion labels who also have commercial outlets within the TaiKoo Hui retail complex. Complementing this series of runway exhibitions were a number of projected displays from a variety of other creative and visual arts practices originating from Britain. The presentation of my work in this section of the event took the form of an overview of figurative works created during previous years. This virtual show imitated the appearance and atmosphere of a live catwalk show similar to those which were to take place in the same location in TaiKoo Hui. Accompanying music was provided by Dfu (P.R China).


TaiKoo Hui
East Glass Box, Level 1
P.R China
14 12 2013

Press Release