In Parallel / Presence and Intervention was a group exhibition held at the Dui Shan Art Museum in the Jimei District of Xiamen in Southern China. The exhibition presented a discussion of the current position of art and its relationship with regard to place, globalisation and networking, and to the relationship between artists as authors, their work, the audience and the space in which artworks are made and exist. This in the age of a global pandemic, during which a reassessment of the public, or not, nature and locality of art has become of paramount importance. The exhibition brought together a number of artists who produced work for the exhbiition 'in-residence' with artists who live and/or work in the vicintiy of the exhibition and residence location. Participating artists included; Jiang Ruoyu, Xie Xiuxiu, He Yeming, Yuan Yan, Zhang Chenzhi, Wang Yujun, Wu Xihuang, Daniel Staincliffe, Nick Renshaw, Chen Rongxin, Wei Long Chen and Ping Chen. Curators of the exhibition were; Hu Jingwei, Cai Qiwan, Zhu Shi, Deng Shiyi and Chen Xiaoya.
In Parallel / Presence and Intervention

Dui Shan Art Museum
Dui Shan Xi Road
Jimei District, Xiamen
02 10 2020 to 20 10 2020

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