The exhibition Boundless Material is a two-person exhibition held at the Kui Yuan Gallery in Guangzhou in the south of China. A number of pieces from the series Tong An are presented, a series created in a historic district of the same name, now part of the city of Xiamen (formerly known as Amoy) in Fujian Province. The works are ceramic and are made from locally sourced red earthenware clay before being fired in a so-called 'dragon kiln', a particular type of wood-fired kiln developed and used in this region of China for thousands of years. Such technology is still, on a more limited scale, used today and has played an important role in the cultural, economic and social developments in this part of China as well as much further afield. The works themselves refer equally to symbols and concepts from antiquity as well as to images and influences from contemporary culture. The exhibition was held as part of the annual Dutch Days cultural season in China in which creative activities and professionals from the Netherlands are presented. The exhibition was held together with the Dutch artist Riet van der Linden.

Boundless Material

Kui Yuan Gallery
22 04 2016 to 16 05 2015

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