This Native Earthling series of sculptures is a permanent installation in the entrance foyer space at the headquarters in Nieuwegein of the multinational Dutch construction and engineering company, Ballast Nedam. These figurative works were made originally as part of a much larger series of the same name for the solo presentations Native Procreation in Eboracum in Amsterdam and Maliebeeld in Den Haag. The pieces are a continuation of themes related to representations of the human form which developed in previous years, with particular reference to work carried out during a work period at the European Ceramic Workcentre in 2001. The figures in this series utilise the nature of form, scale, posture, material, colour, and surface treatment to present a depiction of the body which is at once familiar yet full of possibility for reinterpretation. At first a seemingly neutral, passive image it is one suggestive of primitive portrayals, contemporary iconography, or futuristic humanoids. They refer collectively to concepts of homogeneity, uniformity, and similarity, though their singular treatment conceives of a range of unique individuals..
Native Earthlings

Ballast Nedam N .V Headquarters
Ongoing installation

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Native Earthling (series)
each piece 90 cm
High and multiple fired ceramic, glazes, sinter engobes, mirror
Collection of Link Art Company