This exhibition was a presentation of sculptures made during previous years which had been taken up by a variety of corporate and museum collections, as well as those of several private individuals. In addition to this overview of existing works a series of new pieces from the Skinmen series were especially made for the occasion. The umbrella series of exhibitions entitled Maliebeeld in which my own solo show formed a part was conceived to celebrate those contemporary artists whose work is both sculptural, generally monumental in scale, and whose practice had been based largely within the visual arts context of the Netherlands. The theme of this and other exhibitions in the series being that of a presention of works held in a range of institutional collections of Dutch visual art linked directly to the location in which Maliebeeld was housed. The large open spaces of the Malietoren being home to the leading body representing Dutch corporations. Amongst the works either lent or made for the exhibition were those from the series Plaything (1996), Earthling Candyman (2001), Native Earthling (2004), and Skinmen (1997-2005).
Skinmen (for Maliebeeld)
up to 95cm h.
Various ceramic materials, glazes and sinter engobes

Various Collections

Den Haag
23 06 2005 to 04 11 2005

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