The works developed for the solo exhibition Myriad, referring to immeasurable quantities or limitless possibility, are a series of figurative sculptures which combine an array of predominantly ceramic materials and processes. A prescribed set of constituent elements and forms made using both freely sculpted as well as systematic mold production techniques are brought together to compose an associated and unique body of individual figures. The distinctive nature of each work is enhanced through the use of a breadth of formative clay bodies, as well as the special and selectively applied qualities of numerous differing surface materials, including glazes, engobes, and pigments of a varying nature. The creation of this body of work is a developmental process where previous work, concepts, and ideas are brought together with the inherent qualities of the making process. The works highlight both the contrast and tension which exist when forms of a different origin are brought together, as well as their often surprising mutual compatibility.
75 cm
High and multiple fired ceramic, porcelain, glaze and sinter engobes

Private collection

Galerie De Witte Voet
12 02 2011 to 30 03 2011

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