Native Earthling is a series of ceramic works which were conceived initially for the solo presentation Native Procreation in Eboracum. These works, both individually and collectively, represent what can best be understood as a paraphrased rendering of the human identity. A pared down image which reflects the figure within a multitude of contexts and understandings. It's focus is one primarily concerned with the potential origin of these characters across time and era, as well as their perceived (in)activity. The seemingly neutral attitude of the posture is one which can be seen as expressing a variety of stances or behaviours. Waiting, frozen in time, guarding, or simply resting. The heterogenous position of each figure is accentuated by the specifics of colour and surface treatment, each of which presents a further potential interpretation of how and when the different individual sculptures should be placed. These works developed from a process set in place during previous years, with particular reference to the methodology used while undertaking a work period at the European Ceramic Workcentre in 2001.
Native Earthling

Galerie De Witte Voet
11 09 2004 to 13 10 2004

Press Release
Native Earthling (Mirror)
90 cm
High and multiple fired ceramic, glaze
Private Collection