The exhibition Other Origins takes it’s name from the series of ceramic sculptures developed for this presentation. These figures are created from the same fundamental underlying mold-manufactured figure. This figure symbolises the human form as is understood across culture and time and is perceived both in terms of early or primeval depictions as well as those of a contemporary nature which incorporate a comparable stylised representation of anatomy. Onto this idealised human motif the singular character of each sculpture is described using a combination of clay material, colour palette, texture, glaze, and contrasting inanimate additions. The subsequent composition of each figure expresses a variety of characteristics, including predominantly the juxtaposition of apparently contradictory elements. This body of work should be understood as an exploration of comparability, uniqueness, similarity, and identity. The method of creation itself, contrasting sculpture and mold-manufacturing emphasising further these metaphorical references.
Other Origin
58 x 30 cm
High and multiple fired earthenware ceramic, glaze and sinter engobe
Other Origins

Galerie De Witte Voet
23 02 2013 to 30 03 2013

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