Staand (Standing) is the second part of commissioned work for the local authority of Ouder-Amstel. It augments the recent redevelopment and expansion of their existing town hall and it's surrounding urban spaces in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, near to Amsterdam. This series of two hundred thirty centimetre high figurative sculptures are installed throughout the interior spaces of both existing and new portions of the town hall. Similarly to the monumental work Zittend (Sitting) outside, they were commissioned to both strengthen the breadth and quality of art in the public spaces under the authority's jurisdiction as well as enrich the architecture of the new building. These porcelain works are positioned intramurally, in hallways, meeting rooms, member offices, council chambers, and marriage rooms, and act to reinforce the relationship between the original and contemporary architecture of the building. These works also symbolise the inhabitants of the community outside the building, suggesting the constant presence of this population while the act of governance in all it's forms and at all stages takes place on their behalf.
Staand (Standing)

Gemeentehuis (Town Hall)
Gemeente Ouder-Amstel
Ouderkerk Aan De Amstel

Press Release
Staand (Standing)
30 cm
Series of 200, Porcelain
Collection Gemeente Ouder-Amstel, NL.