Zittend (Sitting) was commissioned by Ouder-Amstel local authority as part of the redevelopment and expansion of their existing town hall and surrounding urban spaces. This figurative sculpture is located immediately in front of the newly defined extension and front entrance to the building in Ouderkerk aan de Amstel. In commissioning this work the authority sought to both strengthen the quality and breadth of art in the public spaces under it's jurisdiction as well as enrich the recently completed public areas in and around the new town hall. While monumental in scale, appropriate to the character and grandeur of the newly realised building and urban park, this bronze work also communicates directly to those living and working in the area through it's form, resting posture, and careful placement at ground elevation. The sculpture is both symbolic of the community outside the goings on inside the town hall, as well as for those members sitting in government working for it's population. This exterior work is complemented by a further commissioned project, Staand (Standing) being installed throughout the town hall interior.
Zittend (Sitting)

Gemeentehuis (Town Hall)
Gemeente Ouder-Amstel
Ouderkerk Aan De Amstel

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