The exhibition Riverside formed part of the umbrella project Het Drie Rivierenpunt (The Three Rivers Project). This project is aimed at the creation of a sculpture avenue along the dam promenade of the Merwehoofd in the town of Papendrecht. The sculptures are located on the cusp of the beautiful open landscape of the river and that of the adjacent urban spaces. It is an area of unique spacial quality where the gently turning river and adjacent dams open into the enormity of the panorama at the heart of the Drechtsteden (Drecht Cities). For this long running exhibition the works Kupfernickel (2007) and Casement Head (2003) were installed. They were chosen both for their direct connection to the figurative theme of the exhibition, as well as for their particular suitability to such a monumental geographical landscape. The project is organised by the Stichting Beeldenpark Drechtoevers.
Casement Head (Black)
110 x 75 x 100 cm
High and multiple fired ceramic, glazes
Riverside: het dna van de mens

Beeldenpark Drechtoevers
17 06 2011 to 27 11 2012

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