Zuikerzoete Ontdekkingsreizen (Sweet Journeys of Discovery) is the title of a text written by the head of the art commission of the Gasunie. This text accompanied a solo presentation of my works in the monumental entrance and central hall area of their headquarters in Groningen. This exhibition coincided with the tenth anniversary of my practice being based in the Netherlands. It was apt therefore that this presentation should take the form of a summation of a number of series which had been developed during previous years. Given the grandeur of the space itself there was also a particular suitability for the placement of larger sculptures, though there were also a number of niches in which smaller sculptures could be placed. The particular geography of this interior space presented the opportunity to position the works along a central dividing line which extends straight through the building, connecting the sculptures both formally in terms of their installation, as well as suggesting an inherent lineage of historical references from one to the other. Emphasising both the developmental nature of these works as well as their unifying autobiographical character.
Zuikerzoete Ontdekkingsreizen

De Nederlandse Gasunie
15 06 2003 to 01 09 2003

Press Release
Reference to cast histories (for Groningen)
400 cm
Multiple fired ceramic elements