Range was both title and central theme of an exhibition which employed a variety of experimental processes using ceramic in it's broadest sense to portray the figure. What can be viewed as more accepted material qualities of the medium itself were utilised and often combined with a frequently exploratory approach to it's handling. Testing as it were the range of possiblities with which clay in it's raw or unfired state, as well as ceramic in it's fixed condition could be exercised to suggest both new interpretations of the human form as well as alternative ways of using this material. The figure acts in these works as a ground as it were onto which experiments are drawn, coupled, bound, adhered, wrapped, or fused. The process presents a visual expression which communicates a somewhat incongruous almalgamation of natural qualities with machine-made interventions. They suggest not only a visual rendering of the figure outwardly but one which also describes the inner workings of these individuals.

Galerie De Witte Voet
21 04 2001 to 02 06 2001

Press Release
Range (Aap tattoo)
95 cm
Multiple fired ceramic

Private Collection