Rolling Snowball Nanjing was a group exhibition of fifity international artists jointly organised and curated by the host institution AMNUA, the Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts, and CEAC, the Chinese European Art Center. This exhibition is a further edition of the series of Rolling Snowball exhibitions organised by CEAC over the previous decade. In this edition AMNUA aims to recognise the importance of international and cultural exchange to artists as well as art in general. The exhibition also aims to build partnerships between both organisations and the artists involved. The two organising bodies each presented artists they have been associated with in recent years, including artists coming from both within and outside China. CEAC showing artists who have either participated as artist in residence in the institution or who have collaborated through exhibition representation. AMNUA presented artists from China whose work has been influenced by similar cultural exchange outside the country. Works shown in the exhibition came from the ongoing Tong An series, developed predominantly using ceramics and traditional, so called, dragon kiln firing processes in the Fujian region of southern China.
Rolling Snowball Nanjing

AMNUA (Art Museum of Nanjing University of the Arts)
15 12 2018 to 16 01 2019

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