This installation in the Schaeffler Gallery was the culmination of a period of postgraduate study and research at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York City. This was made possible through an exchange agreement existing between the Sandberg Instituut in Amsterdam, at which I was approaching the final stages of participation at the time, and this American partner. During this period in residence the opportunity was taken to take part in and digest from the wide range of possibilities, fields of practice, departments, mentors, and social context this American visual arts institute offered. Given the freedom afforded such visiting artists It became a subsequently multifaceted period of work, one which became visualised through the installation in the Schaeffler Gallery. The works were developed and presented as part of a single interrelated installation which incorporated drawings, found tree branch and timber constructions, clay models, paper-mache, video projections, and sound recordings. The wide range of materials was utilised to render experimental physical and intellectual interpretations of human figure portraiture.
Portrait (Installation Detail)
Various Dimensions
Ceramic, timber, pencil on paper, tree, video

Schaeffler Gallery
Pratt Institute
New York
20 05 1997 to 10 06 1997

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