Skinmen is the name given to a number of series of figurative works which experimented with ideas concerning the human form as well as a wide range of ceramic processes, techniques, and materials. These works were exhibited in several solo and group exhibitions and in a variety of gallery and presentational settings. The figures were developed using hand-built as well as mold-forming processes, applying a natural element of variance when used in combination with each other. These formal properties serve as the pallette onto which an extensive range of surface additions are poured, brushed, dipped, sprayed, and drawn. These glazes, pigments, and engobes bring idiosyncratic characteristic to each figure, providing an identity to the sculptures which suggests an equally broad range of interpretations. The figures are at once innocent yet confrontational, archaic yet futuristic, accessible yet mysterious, provocative as well as comforting. They transmit, both as individual works and in series a diverse representation of recognisable attributes and human sensibilities.

Galerie De Witte Voet
20 12 1997 to 21 01 1998

Press Release
Skinman (Alien)
58 cm
High and multiple fired ceramic, glazes and sinter engobes

Private Collection